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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (c) Vispy Development Team. All Rights Reserved.
# Distributed under the (new) BSD License. See LICENSE.txt for more info.
from __future__ import division
import numpy as np
from ...util import transforms
from .perspective import Base3DRotationCamera
class TurntableCamera(Base3DRotationCamera):
"""3D camera class that orbits around a center point while
maintaining a view on a center point.
For this camera, the ``scale_factor`` indicates the zoom level, and
the ``center`` indicates the position to put at the center of the
fov : float
Field of view. Zero (default) means orthographic projection.
elevation : float
Elevation angle in degrees. Positive angles place the camera
above the cente point, negative angles place the camera below
the center point.
azimuth : float
Azimuth angle in degrees. Zero degrees places the camera on the
positive x-axis, pointing in the negative x direction.
roll : float
Roll angle in degrees
distance : float | None
The distance of the camera from the rotation point (only makes sense
if fov > 0). If None (default) the distance is determined from the
scale_factor and fov.
translate_speed : float
Scale factor on translation speed when moving the camera center point.
**kwargs : dict
Keyword arguments to pass to `BaseCamera`.
* LMB: orbits the view around its center point.
* RMB or scroll: change scale_factor (i.e. zoom level)
* SHIFT + LMB: translate the center point
* SHIFT + RMB: change FOV
_state_props = Base3DRotationCamera._state_props + ('elevation',
'azimuth', 'roll')
def __init__(self, fov=45.0, elevation=30.0, azimuth=30.0, roll=0.0,
distance=None, translate_speed=1.0, **kwargs):
super(TurntableCamera, self).__init__(fov=fov, **kwargs)
# Set camera attributes
self.azimuth = azimuth
self.elevation = elevation
self.roll = roll # interaction not implemented yet
self.distance = distance # None means auto-distance
self.translate_speed = translate_speed
def elevation(self):
"""The angle of the camera in degrees above the horizontal (x, z)
return self._elevation
def elevation(self, elev):
elev = float(elev)
self._elevation = min(90, max(-90, elev))
def azimuth(self):
"""The angle of the camera in degrees around the y axis. An angle of
0 places the camera within the (y, z) plane.
return self._azimuth
def azimuth(self, azim):
azim = float(azim)
while azim < -180:
azim += 360
while azim > 180:
azim -= 360
self._azimuth = azim
def roll(self):
"""The angle of the camera in degrees around the z axis. An angle of
0 places puts the camera upright.
return self._roll
def roll(self, roll):
roll = float(roll)
while roll < -180:
roll += 360
while roll > 180:
roll -= 360
self._roll = roll
def orbit(self, azim, elev):
"""Orbits the camera around the center position.
azim : float
Angle in degrees to rotate horizontally around the center point.
elev : float
Angle in degrees to rotate vertically around the center point.
self.azimuth += azim
self.elevation = np.clip(self.elevation + elev, -90, 90)
def _update_rotation(self, event):
"""Update rotation parmeters based on mouse movement"""
p1 = event.mouse_event.press_event.pos
p2 = event.mouse_event.pos
if self._event_value is None:
self._event_value = self.azimuth, self.elevation
self.azimuth = self._event_value[0] - (p2 - p1)[0] * 0.5
self.elevation = self._event_value[1] + (p2 - p1)[1] * 0.5
def _get_rotation_tr(self):
"""Return a rotation matrix based on camera parameters"""
up, forward, right = self._get_dim_vectors()
transforms.rotate(self.elevation, -right),
transforms.rotate(self.azimuth, up)
def _dist_to_trans(self, dist):
"""Convert mouse x, y movement into x, y, z translations"""
rae = np.array([self.roll, self.azimuth, self.elevation]) * np.pi / 180
sro, saz, sel = np.sin(rae)
cro, caz, cel = np.cos(rae)
d0, d1 = dist[0], dist[1]
dx = (+ d0 * (cro * caz + sro * sel * saz)
+ d1 * (sro * caz - cro * sel * saz)) * self.translate_speed
dy = (+ d0 * (cro * saz - sro * sel * caz)
+ d1 * (sro * saz + cro * sel * caz)) * self.translate_speed
dz = (- d0 * sro * cel + d1 * cro * cel) * self.translate_speed
return dx, dy, dz