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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (c) Vispy Development Team. All Rights Reserved.
# Distributed under the (new) BSD License. See LICENSE.txt for more info.
"""RegularPolygonVisual visual based on EllipseVisual"""
from __future__ import division
from .ellipse import EllipseVisual
class RegularPolygonVisual(EllipseVisual):
Displays a regular polygon
center : array-like (x, y)
Center of the regular polygon
color : str | tuple | list of colors
Fill color of the polygon
border_color : str | tuple | list of colors
Border color of the polygon
border_width: float
The width of the border in pixels
radius : float
Radius of the regular polygon
Defaults to 0.1
sides : int
Number of sides of the regular polygon
def __init__(self, center=None, color='black', border_color=None,
border_width=1, radius=0.1, sides=4, **kwargs):
EllipseVisual.__init__(self, center=center,
num_segments=sides, **kwargs)
def sides(self):
"""The number of sides in the regular polygon."""
# return using the property accessor for num_segments
return self.num_segments
def sides(self, sides):
if sides < 3:
raise ValueError('PolygonVisual must have at least 3 sides, not %s'
% sides)
# edit using the property accessor of num_segments so this
# internally calls the update()
self.num_segments = sides