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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (c) Vispy Development Team. All Rights Reserved.
# Distributed under the (new) BSD License. See LICENSE.txt for more info.
from .application import Application
# Initialize default app
# Only for use within *this* module.
# One should always call use_app() to obtain the default app.
default_app = None
def use_app(backend_name=None, call_reuse=True):
""" Get/create the default Application object
It is safe to call this function multiple times, as long as
backend_name is None or matches the already selected backend.
backend_name : str | None
The name of the backend application to use. If not specified, Vispy
tries to select a backend automatically. See ``vispy.use()`` for
call_reuse : bool
Whether to call the backend's `reuse()` function (True by default).
Not implemented by default, but some backends need it. For example,
the notebook backends need to inject some JavaScript in a notebook as
soon as `use_app()` is called.
global default_app
# If we already have a default_app, raise error or return
if default_app is not None:
names = default_app.backend_name.lower().replace('(', ' ').strip(') ')
names = [name for name in names.split(' ') if name]
if backend_name and backend_name.lower() not in names:
raise RuntimeError('Can only select a backend once, already using '
'%s.' % names)
if call_reuse:
return default_app # Current backend matches backend_name
# Create default app
default_app = Application(backend_name)
return default_app
def create():
"""Create the native application.
return default_app.create()
def run():
"""Enter the native GUI event loop.
def quit():
"""Quit the native GUI event loop.
return default_app.quit()
def process_events():
"""Process all pending GUI events
If the mainloop is not running, this should be done regularly to
keep the visualization interactive and to keep the event system going.
return default_app.process_events()