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import numpy as np
class Rect(object):
Representation of a rectangular area in a 2D coordinate system.
*args : arguments
Can be in the form `Rect(x, y, w, h)`, `Rect(pos, size)`, or
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
self._pos = (0, 0)
self._size = (0, 0)
if len(args) == 1 and isinstance(args[0], Rect):
self._pos = args[0]._pos[:]
self._size = args[0]._size[:]
elif (len(args) == 1 and isinstance(args[0], (list, tuple)) and
len(args[0]) == 4):
self._pos = args[0][:2]
self._size = args[0][2:]
elif len(args) == 2:
self._pos = tuple(args[0])
self._size = tuple(args[1])
elif len(args) == 4:
self._pos = tuple(args[:2])
self._size = tuple(args[2:])
elif len(args) != 0:
raise TypeError("Rect must be instantiated with 0, 1, 2, or 4 "
"non-keyword arguments.")
self._pos = kwargs.get('pos', self._pos)
self._size = kwargs.get('size', self._size)
if len(self._pos) != 2 or len(self._size) != 2:
raise ValueError("Rect pos and size arguments must have 2 "
def pos(self):
return tuple(self._pos)
def pos(self, p):
assert len(p) == 2
self._pos = p
def size(self):
return tuple(self._size)
def size(self, s):
assert len(s) == 2
self._size = s
def width(self):
return self.size[0]
def width(self, w):
self.size[0] = w
def height(self):
return self.size[1]
def height(self, h):
self.size[1] = h
def left(self):
return self.pos[0]
def left(self, x):
self.size = (self.size[0] + (self.pos[0] - x), self.size[1])
self.pos = (x, self.pos[1])
def right(self):
return self.pos[0] + self.size[0]
def right(self, x):
self.size = (x - self.pos[0], self.size[1])
def bottom(self):
return self.pos[1]
def bottom(self, y):
self.size = (self.size[0], self.size[1] + (self.pos[1] - y))
self.pos = (self.pos[0], y)
def top(self):
return self.pos[1] + self.size[1]
def top(self, y):
self.size = (self.size[0], y - self.pos[1])
def center(self):
return (self.pos[0] + self.size[0] * 0.5,
self.pos[1] + self.size[1] * 0.5)
def padded(self, padding):
"""Return a new Rect padded (smaller) by padding on all sides
padding : float
The padding.
rect : instance of Rect
The padded rectangle.
return Rect(pos=(self.pos[0]+padding, self.pos[1]+padding),
size=(self.size[0]-2*padding, self.size[1]-2*padding))
def normalized(self):
"""Return a Rect covering the same area, but with height and width
guaranteed to be positive."""
return Rect(pos=(min(self.left, self.right),
min(, self.bottom)),
size=(abs(self.width), abs(self.height)))
def flipped(self, x=False, y=True):
"""Return a Rect with the same bounds but with axes inverted
x : bool
Flip the X axis.
y : bool
Flip the Y axis.
rect : instance of Rect
The flipped rectangle.
pos = list(self.pos)
size = list(self.size)
for i, flip in enumerate((x, y)):
if flip:
pos[i] += size[i]
size[i] *= -1
return Rect(pos, size)
def __eq__(self, r):
if not isinstance(r, Rect):
return False
return (np.all(np.equal(r.pos, self.pos)) and
np.all(np.equal(r.size, self.size)))
def __add__(self, a):
""" Return this Rect translated by *a*.
return self._transform_out(self._transform_in()[:, :2] + a[:2])
def contains(self, x, y):
"""Query if the rectangle contains points
x : float
X coordinate.
y : float
Y coordinate.
contains : bool
True if the point is within the rectangle.
return (x >= self.left and x <= self.right and
y >= self.bottom and y <=
def __repr__(self):
return "<Rect (%g, %g) (%g, %g)>" % (self.pos + self.size)
def _transform_in(self):
"""Return array of coordinates that can be mapped by Transform
return np.array([
[self.left, self.bottom, 0, 1],
[self.right,, 0, 1]])
def _transform_out(self, coords):
"""Return a new Rect from coordinates mapped after _transform_in()."""
return Rect(pos=coords[0, :2], size=coords[1, :2]-coords[0, :2])