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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Copyright (c) Vispy Development Team. All Rights Reserved.
# Distributed under the (new) BSD License. See LICENSE.txt for more info.
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
import numpy as np
from .widget import Widget
from ...visuals import ColorBarVisual
class ColorBarWidget(Widget):
"""Widget containing a ColorBar
cmap : str | vispy.color.ColorMap
Either the name of the ColorMap to be used from the standard
set of names (refer to `vispy.color.get_colormap`),
or a custom ColorMap object.
The ColorMap is used to apply a gradient on the colorbar.
orientation : {'left', 'right', 'top', 'bottom'}
The orientation of the colorbar, used for rendering. The
orientation can be thought of as the position of the label
relative to the color bar.
When the orientation is 'left' or 'right', the colorbar is
vertically placed. When it is 'top' or 'bottom', the colorbar is
horizontally placed. The colorbar automatically resizes when its
container's dimension changes.
* 'top': the colorbar is horizontal.
Color is applied from left to right.
Minimum corresponds to left and maximum to right.
Label is to the top of the colorbar
* 'bottom': Same as top, except that
label is to the bottom of the colorbar
* 'left': the colorbar is vertical.
Color is applied from bottom to top.
Minimum corresponds to bottom and maximum to top.
Label is to the left of the colorbar
* 'right': Same as left, except that the
label is placed to the right of the colorbar
label : str
The label that is to be drawn with the colorbar
that provides information about the colorbar.
label_color : str | vispy.color.Color
The color of labels. This can either be a
str as the color's name or an actual instace of a vipy.color.Color
clim : tuple (min, max)
the minimum and maximum values of the data that
is given to the colorbar. This is used to draw the scale
on the side of the colorbar.
border_width : float (in px)
The width of the border the colormap should have. This measurement
is given in pixels
border_color : str | vispy.color.Color
The color of the border of the colormap. This can either be a
str as the color's name or an actual instace of a vipy.color.Color
padding : tuple (major_axis, minor_axis) [0, 1]
padding with respect to the major and minor axis
axis_ratio : float
ratio of minor axis to major axis
def __init__(self, cmap, orientation,
label="", label_color='black', clim=("", ""),
border_width=0.0, border_color="black",
padding=(0.2, 0.2), axis_ratio=0.05, **kwargs):
dummy_size = (1, 1)
self._major_axis_padding = padding[0]
self._minor_axis_padding = padding[1]
self._minor_axis_ratio = axis_ratio
self._colorbar = ColorBarVisual(size=dummy_size, cmap=cmap,
label_str=label, clim=clim,
border_color=border_color, **kwargs)
def on_resize(self, event):
"""Resize event handler
event : instance of Event
The event.
def _update_colorbar(self):
self._colorbar.pos =
self._colorbar.size = self._calc_size()
def _calc_size(self):
"""Calculate a size
(total_halfx, total_halfy) = (self.rect.right,
if self._colorbar.orientation in ["bottom", "top"]:
(total_major_axis, total_minor_axis) = (total_halfx, total_halfy)
(total_major_axis, total_minor_axis) = (total_halfy, total_halfx)
major_axis = total_major_axis * (1.0 -
minor_axis = major_axis * self._minor_axis_ratio
# if the minor axis is "leaking" from the padding, then clamp
minor_axis = np.minimum(minor_axis,
total_minor_axis *
(1.0 - self._minor_axis_padding))
return (major_axis, minor_axis)
def cmap(self):
return self._colorbar.cmap
def cmap(self, cmap):
self._colorbar.cmap = cmap
def label(self):
return self._colorbar.label
def label(self, label):
self._colorbar.label = label
def ticks(self):
return self._colorbar.ticks
def ticks(self, ticks):
self._colorbar.ticks = ticks
def clim(self):
return self._colorbar.clim
def clim(self, clim):
self._colorbar.clim = clim
def border_color(self):
""" The color of the border around the ColorBar in pixels
return self._colorbar.border_color
def border_color(self, border_color):
self._colorbar.border_color = border_color
def border_width(self):
""" The width of the border around the ColorBar in pixels
return self._colorbar.border_width
def border_width(self, border_width):
self._colorbar.border_width = border_width
def orientation(self):
return self._colorbar.orientation