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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Copyright (c) Vispy Development Team. All Rights Reserved.
# Distributed under the (new) BSD License. See LICENSE.txt for more info.
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
import numpy as np
from .image import ImageVisual
from ..util.fourier import stft, fft_freqs
from ..ext.six import string_types
class SpectrogramVisual(ImageVisual):
"""Calculate and show a spectrogram
x : array-like
1D signal to operate on. ``If len(x) < n_fft``, x will be
zero-padded to length ``n_fft``.
n_fft : int
Number of FFT points. Much faster for powers of two.
step : int | None
Step size between calculations. If None, ``n_fft // 2``
will be used.
fs : float
The sample rate of the data.
window : str | None
Window function to use. Can be ``'hann'`` for Hann window, or None
for no windowing.
color_scale : {'linear', 'log'}
Scale to apply to the result of the STFT.
``'log'`` will use ``10 * log10(power)``.
cmap : str
Colormap name.
clim : str | tuple
Colormap limits. Should be ``'auto'`` or a two-element tuple of
min and max values.
def __init__(self, x, n_fft=256, step=None, fs=1., window='hann',
color_scale='log', cmap='cubehelix', clim='auto'):
self._n_fft = int(n_fft)
self._fs = float(fs)
if not isinstance(color_scale, string_types) or \
color_scale not in ('log', 'linear'):
raise ValueError('color_scale must be "linear" or "log"')
data = stft(x, self._n_fft, step, self._fs, window)
data = np.abs(data)
data = 20 * np.log10(data) if color_scale == 'log' else data
super(SpectrogramVisual, self).__init__(data, clim=clim, cmap=cmap)
def freqs(self):
"""The spectrogram frequencies"""
return fft_freqs(self._n_fft, self._fs)