Project Goal

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the PIG - P2P Infrastructure Group

the PIG started out early morning French time on the Thurdsay the 9th of December 2010 in direct response to the wikileaks events.

Two problems were isolated:

  1. the difficulty of keeping a web-site which has much popular support online (preventing overload and DDOS attacks)
  2. the difficulty which people have to support these sites by donating nothing more than time, computing power, and bandwidth

The ideal way to resolve such problems would be to allow users to download a client aka 'the PIG' which in turn can sponsor certain causes aka 'fodder'. In so doing, the user allows certain privileges to these causes. These privilege might include

1.use bandwidth to serve a web-site 2.allow a chat between members of a cause 3.fill out an online petition

among others.

And so, the PIG was born.

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