Models for diffusion data
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Modeling diffusion data.

Osmosis is copyright of the VISTA lab at Stanford University and is released under the terms of the CC-BY license

If you use this code, please cite:

Evaluating models of diffusion-weighted MRI data with cross-validation (2013). Ariel Rokem, Jason D. Yeatman, Franco Pestilli, Kendrick N. Kay, Aviv Mezer, Stefan van der Walt, & Brian A. Wandell. Annual meeting of the OHBM 2013.


Rokem, A., Chan, K.L. Yeatman, J.D., Pestilli, F., Mezer, A., Wandell, B.A., 2014. Evaluating the accuracy of diffusion models at multiple b-values with cross-validation. ISMRM 2014.

The full data-set is available here:

IPython notebooks are here: