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VISTASOFT is the main software repository of the Vista lab at Stanford University. It contains Matlab code to perform a variety of analysis on MRI data, including functional MRI and diffusion MRI.

It has the following modules:

  • mrAlign : Aligning functional and anatomical data
  • mrAnatomy: Handling anatomical MRI data.
  • mrBOLD : analysis of functional MRI data.
  • mrDiffusion : Diffusion MRI, including DTI and tractography.
  • mrMesh : displaying MR data on rendered 3D surface representations of the brain.
  • mrQuant : quantitative MRI (see also mrQ)
  • mrScripts : a variety of useful scripts

And in addition:

  • utilities
  • setup
  • tutorials
  • external: functions written by others that we use as dependencies (see optional software).

External dependencies:

Optional packages:

For detailed documentation, please visit the VISTA lab wiki.

For help with the new mrInit intialization method, please see the Initialization Page.

(c) Vista lab, Stanford University.

Unless otherwise noted, all our code is released under the GPL

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