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Commits on Mar 26, 2013
  1. @markchadwick

    Make Quips npm-link-able (while still hem-friendly)

    markchadwick authored
    - Shuffled primary codebase to ./lib
    - Changed "main" in package.json to point to ./
    - Reworked imports in ./
    - Upgraded a few dependencies like coffee-script and hem
Commits on Mar 11, 2013
  1. @markchadwick

    [Breaking] Migrate from jqueryify2 to jqueryify

    markchadwick authored
    The [jqueryify2]( project was forked from
    [jqueryify]( due to a slight incompatibility
    in headless tests. Because of this, Quips was locked to an older version of
    In the passing time, the jqueryify library has integrated a fix and migrated to
    a more recent jQuery library (1.9.1). This library has a number of small
    incompatibilities with Quips' expectations, outlined below.
    * Empty response bodies with a 200 status are treated as failures. The correct
      status should be 204. Rather than checking for this behavior and correct the
      HTTP response status in Quips, I'm opting to require consumers fix this, as an
      empty response is distinctly different than one with a body.
    * The* methods appear to have been replaced with a .state()
      method which returns a string.
    * select elements on the DOM now treat .val() like a text field, however, the
      DOM does not update the option element with a "selected" property.
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