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Jun 4, 2014


VBID-2706 forms to handle non-json error responses
May 13, 2014


forms: don't set model attributes on failed save
for VBID-2609

Change-Id: Ied39332d5ae7f06c4545c0598a3cc29cb4c7fc47
Apr 25, 2014


model loader to set url as function instead of str
allows for collection urls with dynamic attributes
Jan 31, 2014


VBID-2259 jquery promise tools
* `#settled` returns a promise that is resolved when all deferreds are not in
  the "pending" state
- `#all` returns a promise that will resolve if all deferreds resolve and will
  fail if any deferreds fail
- also npm run lint

Change-Id: I8bf385c85c0264a33f13012bb6d5bb7381222902
Dec 23, 2013


VBID-2094 css classes to signify sort direction
Dec 20, 2013


VBID-1753 testing libs out of Quips
- use honk-test-net, remove honk-test-net's inline grandfather
- move chai extensions to vistar-chai-extensions on npm
- remove TestState class in favor of each type each type of fake thing
  doing its own setup and teardown
- version bump to 1.0.0 since we're no longer exposing those testing libs

Change-Id: I8a33c4300b75e1bea34abff252f94e0171d17b33
Dec 10, 2013


on form fail, show errors and then reject
- reject local deferred and notify on form.deferred after errors are shown
- also emit a 'failed' event

Change-Id: I2d4eabf29a5f242843ec63c4adfd9112067be765
Nov 26, 2013


add percentage to formatters
Change-Id: Ibe0830ac5a5586644db1c4092dd2edacea8cb743
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