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2.3.2 Component updates
Minor component updates and bug fixes
2020-11-06 08:00:50 -0800

{# macros #} {% macro notes(component='vf-xxx', componentVersion='9.9.9', commitId='0123456789') %}

{{component}} {{ componentVersion }} npm git diff

{% endmacro %}

{% macro componentLink(component='vf-xxx') %}{{component}}{% endmacro %} {# endmacros #}

This releases {{version}} to the CDN{{version}}/css/styles.css{{version}}/scripts/scripts.js

As a reminder, the rollup CSS and JS are compilations of many independently versioned components and is likely to contain changes that may disrupt the look of your site. We advise testing. Even better is to build your own CSS rollup from the npm sources, [you can find a guide here]({{ '/building' | url }}).

{#- don't forget to add the latest version to ./tools/vf-component-library/src/site/_data/siteConfig.js -#}

This minor update releases more minor component updates that focus on improving visual consistency, eliminating bugs, optimisations and adding minor features.

New features

{{ notes('vf-google-analytics', '1.0.0', '28b02cf799a1a9b563eeccaf7178927241a37ae7') }}

{{ notes('vf-link-list', '1.3.0', '72e1bc5ef2c6a264bea9ac3e5caf8960ee2c0570') }}

  • makes the vf-links__heading optional.

{{ notes('vf-breadcrumbs', '2.0.0', '214848e63cb449d0341bffa7eea8d07bee882dda') }}

  • adds aria-current="location" to be used for the last item in vf-breadcrumbs
  • replaces CSS to style aria-current="location" and not :last-of-type.
  • adds text-shadow to aria-current="location" to show text a little bolder.

{{ notes('vf-sass-config', '2.2.0', '4e7cada4ca7b91c88dcc30ab2d03810b2f5e3198') }}

  • updates --page-grid-gap for larger viewports to 2rem instead of 1.5rem.
  • updates the embl-grid small column size from 238px to 16rem.

{{ notes('vf-navigation', '2.1.0', 'ac75e1b0ebd426a021f98baa48b11d627360fcfc') }}

  • fixes a bug with the --additional variant.
  • introduces njk/yml variable look up to determine classnames to use:
    • adds vf-cluster only to --main variant.
    • replaces --additional CSS for full bleed background with vf-u-fullbleed class.


{{ notes('vf-inlay', '2.0.0', '8d47b787638c3a1798c77118d1e7601955aa5ff5') }}

  • Deprecated for vf-grid or embl-grid layouts and classnames.

Bug fixes

{{ notes('vf-card', '2.2.1', '456dc6b7b13e0a89d02c7373a37b1a05a757b0dd') }}

  • fixes a hover issue if the card has a link and is the --easy variant.

{{ notes('vf-cluster', '1.0.1', 'bfad2833663103de15d4414702250faab4bc819c') }}

  • fixes a bug where we overspecified the spacing custom property which affected left alignment of --600 and --800 variants.

{{ notes('vf-sass-config', '2.2.1', '0d3be66c76fa3738389614bfb8c02ab5b5054e8c') }}

  • fixes bug where --page-grid-gap wasn't getting it's correct spacing unit because the Sass map-get was not interpolated.

{{ notes('vf-hero', '1.7.1', '8d47b787638c3a1798c77118d1e7601955aa5ff5') }}

  • removes CSS for 'inlayed' design as no longer in use

{{ notes('vf-banner', '1.6.1', '8d47b787638c3a1798c77118d1e7601955aa5ff5') }}

  • removes CSS for 'inlayed' design as no longer in use

{{ notes('vf-header', '1.0.4', '8d47b787638c3a1798c77118d1e7601955aa5ff5') }}

  • removes CSS for 'inlayed' design as no longer in use

{{ notes('vf-sass-starter', '0.1.12', '08a1eb84898ff9375239b3893cf50a8e3ca92d40') }}

  • dependency bump

{{ notes('embl-logo', '1.1.0', 'e737529a04c99846f5b15544152567aaecbd6064') }}

  • removes some unneeded CSS.
  • makes the maximum height 3rem (48px).
  • makes the logo responsive.
  • deprecates --extreme.

{{ notes('vf-logo', '1.5.0', 'e737529a04c99846f5b15544152567aaecbd6064') }}

  • removes some unneeded CSS.
  • deprecates --extreme variation.
  • makes the maximum height of the logo 3rem (48px).