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internet monitoring osint tool for windows
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chatter is a proof of concept osint monitoring and collaborative intelligence tool for windows (server, ideally) that monitors twitter hashtags, reddit titles and 4chan post content for specific keywords and phrases. it feeds discovered content to a private telegram group in near real-time. this is an early release with limited features. i'm easily distracted and good at those.


install and use
download and unzip it's in \bin

compile from source
<laughs in quadruple og>

roadmap, misc. notes

  1. monitoring more public facing areas (google, google news, fb, youtube, etc.)
  2. monitoring topic-centric private areas (telegram, discord, slack, fb groups, etc.)
  3. automated this with conversational ai (if i want to show off for some reason)
  4. rate-limit circumvention via proxies
  5. web facing aggregator

greetz and all of my elderly aol hackers

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