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a subdomain brute forcing tool for windows
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subdomain bruteforce for windows is best used in conjunction with other tools - combining their results and dupekilling them. it uses async get requests to brute force subdomains and is pretty fast and accurate over p80/443.


install and use
download and unzip it's in \bin

compile from source
<laughs in quadruple og>

roadmap, misc. notes
i may add multi-host support, recursion, web spidering, directory and file enumeration in the future. as well as making it more traditionally user friendly. re: file/directory scanning- dirbuster for linux is handy (and wonderful) but it only targets one host at a time and doesn't discover subdomains. ffuf looks incredible as well. that's written in go and seems fast and feature rich. the future of this prog may involve the addition of several features, a name change and focus on point and click simplicity. without heavy feature additions this tool is nowhere in the same class as the others i've mentioned.

greetz and all of my elderly aol hackers

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