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Cibomatto2002 commented Jan 3, 2017 edited

There is a bug when trying to make gameboy cheat codes i know how to make them but it's not working on visualboyadvance-m. Will someone please try to make some Infinite Missiles on Metroid 2 so you can see what i'm talking about. On Bizhawk it's easy to make Infinite Missiles. but there RAM search is more advance so maybe that's why it's easier.

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If you are going to close an issue, please state why you closed it, if not I'm going to reopen.

Cibomatto2002 commented Jan 13, 2017 edited

I did not think anyone was going to help me with this problem so I was thinking I was wasting your all's time. You can make Cheats on Gameboy Color. How do I do a unknown value search? Not all codes can be found by typing in a number.

@Cibomatto2002 Cibomatto2002 reopened this Jan 13, 2017

We will work on it, just at least with myself have day jobs and I also triage issues by importance as well. But your issues will be looked into. Just be patient.


Thank you. Sorry I was inpatient.

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