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VisualDiffer Scripts

This repository contains all open source Automator scripts used with [VisualDiffer for Mac] 1

List of Scripts

Compare with VisualDiffer (Finder Script)

Add to Finder context menu (under Services) a new menu item to allow files and folders comparison.

How to install

  • On Lion double click on "Compare with VisualDiffer.workflow" file
  • On Snow Leopard you must copy manually the file "Compare with VisualDiffer.workflow" inside the directory /Users/your account name/Library/Services. If the directory 'Services' doesn't exist you must create it

More details about installation are available [here] 2

How to use

  • When elements to compare are both visible on Finder window simply select the two files or folders and choose "Compare with VisualDiffer" from service menu

  • When elements to compare are on different folders select first element from Finder and click on menu item then browse to second element and again click on menu item, the comparison will start. If you have more Finder windows visible first element can be selected using menu item from first window and second from another Finder window


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