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A Visual Studio 2017 extension to administer workitem tags.
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Tag Admin for Visual Studio 2017

Build status

Download this extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace or get the CI build.

Work Item Tags allow you to associate identifiers to work items to group search and filter work items easily. Tags can be added directly from the work item form or using the excel plug in. Adding tags is so easy that they start to grow in no time. While that’s a good thing you may not want people to create multiple tags that refer to the same thing.


With this extension you can easily manage Work Item tags from right with in Visual Studio. The extension also has below features.

  • View Active tags
  • Rename tag
  • Delete tags
  • View work items linked to tags
  • Supports both VSTS and TFS
  • Uses Integrated Authentication


Main You can select one or more tags to additional options. Options You can also view associated workitems for the selected tag. Associated Wi See the change log for changes and road map.

Permissions to administer Tags

Please see that you need to be part of "Readers" group to list the Tags. For full list of permissions required for tag administration please see Tagging permissions.


Check out the contribution guidelines if you want to contribute to this project.

For cloning and building this project yourself, make sure to install the Extensibility Tools 2017 extension for Visual Studio which enables some features used by this project.


Apache 2.0

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