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Project: BOBO - Computer Vision Platform
Author: Jeffrey Byrne


The BOBO project is a set of matlab and python client tools for distributed stream processing of computer vision tasks. These tools are designed to interface with a Spark cluster for performance analysis of large datasets.

Design Goals

  • BOBO is designed for interactive spark based distributed processing of large computer vision datasets
  • BOBO is designed for researchers performing analysis of large image datasets
  • BOBO provides a tools for typical computer vision performance evaluations (object recognition and detection)
  • BOBO is designed for easy deployment of vision tasks on a spark production cluster
  • BOBO is open source and written in python and C++, and designed for iPython interactive usage

Supported Datasets

  1. ImageNet-Fall2011
  2. Caltech101
  3. Caltech256
  4. ETHZ shapes
  5. ETHZ extended shapes
  6. MNIST
  7. LabelMe3
  8. Pascal VOC 2012
  9. PubFig
  10. Labeled Faces in the Wild (LFW)
  11. LFW - Deep Funneled
  12. LFW - Funneled


Required: numpy, opencv, matplotlib, sklearn, h5py, pylab
Optional: flickrapi, nltk, pygame

Dataset Dependencies wordnet corpus