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vitalets commented Jan 19, 2014

hi everyone,

my heart is bleeding when I see several-month-aged issues here, but currently I really can't find time to support x-editable-yii. Also my work is not related with yii already for a long time and it's became difficult for me to find and understand problems.
To not let this project get frozen I would be very gracefull if someone will be ready to maintain and support it. Mainly the work is porting features from root x-editable to this extension.
I'm continuing to maintain root x-editable and will provide any personal help needed for x-editable-yii.
Thanks a lot!

well have not time too but maybe its better place this in Yii Forum


vitalets commented Jan 19, 2014

Ok, will do, thanks!


Julian-B90 commented Feb 7, 2014

Hello, you have a maintainer?

I'd be glad to help if you still need it.

Julian-B90 closed this May 1, 2014

Hello, this can support yii2?

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