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Consider using trigger vs triggerHandler for custom editable events #86

vladar opened this Issue · 5 comments

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The problem I faced with is that triggerHandler doesn't bubble, so it's impossible to use event delegation with it.

I saw you added "selector" option recently, so enabling event delegation seems reasonable as well.

The only problem I envision is possible conflicts in event names with bootstrap, e.g. If I bind to bootstrap's modal "hidden" event and editable inside this modal triggers it's own "hidden" event - it will bubble up and trigger modal's handler.

Not sure how to handle this properly - maybe it's worth to namespace triggered events, but this will cause a BC break.


Agree with all points. I think in major release to add namespace to events (that can be turned off by option for BC)
thank you!


hmm... any progress on this? i'm having issues currently with trying to bind to .editable hidden event on dynamically added content. perhaps someone has a work-around?


so i got it sorted by patching x-editable to use trigger() instead of triggerhandler() for the hidden event. i imagine if i was putting editable items into overlays or something that would be problematic, but it seems to work fine for my uses.


+1 on this enhancement, X-editable keeps all the goodies internal with triggerHandler :(


#610 seems this project is basically abandoned

There are lots of forks and pull requests open, but nobody merging them back in.

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