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add breakout/core branch

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commit 025c5a0f697f6103ebc2e714756a89e465452bb2 1 parent 2a64cbd
Vitalie Danu authored
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  1. +3 −0  .bash_aliases
3  .bash_aliases
@@ -48,10 +48,13 @@ alias gm="git merge"
alias gcp="git cherry-pick"
alias gcom="git checkout master"
+alias gcoc="git checkout core"
alias gpo="git push origin"
alias gpm="git push origin master"
+alias gpc="git push origin core"
alias grom="git reset --hard origin/master"
+alias groc="git reset --hard origin/core"
alias grh="git reset --hard"
alias grhh="git reset --hard HEAD"
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