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Unicode goodness for Python code by using vim's “conceal” feature

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This syntax file displays unicode characters for some Python operators and built-in functions, turning the following:

    map (lambda x: x, [1,2,3])

    def foo(e, a):
        if e in [1,2,3] and not a:
            return math.sqrt(math.pi)
            return sum([1,2,3])


    map (λ x: x, [1,2,3])

    def foo(e, a):
        if e  [1,2,3]  ¬a:
            return (π)
            return ([1,2,3])


This does not – at any point – alter your source code. It simply uses Vim's "conceal" feature to “hide” in behind , etc. Whenever the cursor is at a line with concealed text, the text will be expanded.

To install, simply put python.vim in ~/.vim/after/syntax or use something like Pathogen (recommended).

Vim ≥ 7.3 is required.

This plug-in is very much inspired by

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