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Mappings to manage GitHub-like task lists
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Simple todo in Vim

Maybe this is the smallest Vim plugin in the world. It adds some useful mappings for manage simple todo lists (example below) and nothing more.

[x] Create plugin
[x] Add helpful documentation
[x] Publish to GitHub
[ ] Spread the word


  • Support GitHub-like task lists:

    • Works well with different markdown list markers, e.g. -, +, *.
    • So it’s easy to create tasks in issues or pull requests on GitHub
  • Visually selected tasks can be processed at once.

  • Each mapping is repeatable via . (require tpope/repeat).

  • Tick symbol is configurable, e.g.

    [y] Water
    [y] Bread
    [ ] Milk


Use your favorite installation method:

  • Tim Pope’s pathogen:

    cd ~/.vim/bundle
    git clone
  • Junegunn Choi’s Plug (recommend):

    Plug 'vitalk/vim-simple-todo'
    vim +PlugInstall +qall


All this mappings use the <leader> key and they work the same on NORMAL, VISUAL and INSERT modes. The default <leader> is backslash (\), but I prefer to use the comma as the <leader> key but feel free to set your own.

Key Help
<leader>i Create a new todo under cursor
<leader>I Create a new todo for current line
<leader>o Create a new todo below current line
<leader>O Create a new todo above current line
<leader>x Mark todo under cursor as done
<leader>X Mark todo as undone
<leader>s Switch todo status for current line

Or even remap them to somethings more comfortable for you:

# Disable default key bindings
let g:simple_todo_map_keys = 0

# Map your keys
nmap <c-i> <Plug>(simple-todo-new)
imap <c-i> <Plug>(simple-todo-new)
# ...etc.

See :help simple-todo-maps for list of available mappings.

You can also change the tick symbol to something else. Default is x.

let g:simple_todo_tick_symbol = 'y'


Don’t hesitate to open GitHub Issues for any bug or suggestions.


Copyright © 2012 Vital Kudzelka. Use it for Good not Evil.

Distributed under the MIT license.

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