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🐦 Prime colors for your Node.js console — quick & safe.
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Wire-tailed manakin

The quickest and safest way to set default colorful output for your Node.js console, without messing with the colors, and to continue using the rich syntax and the output format supported by Node.js console methods:

 • with a list of parameters: console.log(obj1 [, obj2, ..., objN]);
 • with message formatting: console.log(msg [, subst1, ..., substN]);

Can be used either locally or globally (by overriding the console object), with automatic colors applied according to which method is used - see the screenshot below.

minimum code ✔  no dependencies

This library provides consistent output format for console methods after applying the colors, in contrast to generic color libraries that only apply colors to text.

Console output colors


$ npm install manakin --save


Using colors globally

require('manakin').global; // sets colors globally, for the `console` object

console.log(val1, val2, ...); // white/default text output
console.warn(val1, val2, ...); // yellow text output
console.error(val1, val2, ...); // red text output, val2, ...); // cyan text output
console.success(val1, val2, ...); // green text output (custom method)
console.ok(val1, val2, ...); // green text output (custom method)

Using colors locally

var con = require('manakin').local; // use colors locally

con.log(val1, val2, ...); // white/default text output
con.warn(val1, val2, ...); // yellow text output
con.error(val1, val2, ...); // red text output, val2, ...); // cyan text output
con.success(val1, val2, ...); // green text output (custom method)
con.ok(val1, val2, ...); // green text output (custom method)

Customization Features

You can easily do the following:

For more details and examples, see the full API and examples.


Copyright © 2018 Vitaly Tomilov; Released under the MIT license.

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