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When my notes get large, I like to break them out and create index/table-of-contents notes. However, it is hard to say later when looking on such note whether it belongs to any index.

This project can help you with that. It takes notes from looking like that:

Then the utility goes over all your recently edited notes and adds backlinks to the content notes, back to the notes that link to it. Bringing it to look like this:


  • Run via Python 2.7
  • Get the code: git clone or download as ZIP and extract
  • Run in the folder: pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Generate developers token here
  • Create a new file in project root named and write your token in it like so:



Just run: python

It will automatically process notes since the last time it was executed. If it was never executed, it will process notes from last 3 months.

Tip: Schedule the execution to run daily via a scheduler.