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clj-http based on mmcgrana/clj-http and getwoven/clj-http, etc.

Changes since mmcgrana/clj-http:

  1. Pooled client via apache HttpClient ThreadSafeClientConnManager.
  2. Http proxy support via ConnRoutePNames/DEFAULT_PROXY.
  3. Added some unit tests. Changed client_test.clj and core_test.clj use clojure.test fixtures.


Backward compatible with original implementation.

To get pooled client with http proxy support: Set system properties "http.proxyHost" and "http.proxyPort".

    {:ttl 120 :max-total-conns 200 :max-per-route 10 :use-proxy true})

To run tests

(use 'clojure.test)
(run-tests 'clj-http.client-test 'clj-http.core-test)


Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.