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function check_for_binary {
if [ -z `which $1` ] ; then
echo "Binary $1 is not found on your path"
exit 1
echo -e "In order to build you will need maven and leiningen on your PATH.\nDo you want to continue? [y|n]:\c"
read p1
p1=`echo $p1 | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]'`
if [ ! "$p1" == "y" ] ; then
echo "Skipping build."
exit 0
check_for_binary "mvn"
check_for_binary "lein"
cd `dirname $0`
# Build projects
# jcmej
echo "Building java implementation from jcmej subdir"
pushd jcmej > /dev/null
mvn clean package
cp target/jcmej-*-jar-with-dependencies.jar ../bin/jcmej.jar
# jcmec
popd > /dev/null
pushd jcmec > /dev/null
echo -e "\nBuilding clojure implementation from jcmec subdir"
lein uberjar
cp jcmec-*-standalone.jar ../bin/jcmec.jar
popd > /dev/null
chmod -R a+rx bin/*
echo -e "\nBuild finished.\n"