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The purpose of this project is to compare/contrast java and clojure implementations of naive matching (stock) price engine.

Expected hyposis is that:

  1. java implementation should be a bit faster (2-9 times)
  2. clojure implementation should be much shorter and modular

Project structure

  • bin - fat jars for the implementations
  • jcmec - clojure implementation
    • builds with leiningen
    • uses ring (jetty 6x), moustache
  • jcmegen - clojure client that generates input, calls into web service/s, verifies and prints results
  • jcmej - java implementation
    • builds with maven
    • uses CXF (jetty 7x)
  • - bash script that builds the implementations
  • - bash script wrapper that invokes and then
  • config.clj - input configuration in clojure reader compatible format
  • - this file
  • run.bat - Windows version of
  • - invokes main of jcmegen against pre-build jars in bin

Matching engine requirements

  1. REST JSON interface
    • POST /match
      • json: orderId (B|S plus sequence number), price
    • GET /max/B|S
    • GET /results
    • GET /reset
  2. Support concurrent requests for match and get max buy and sell price.
  3. Return unmatched items.
  4. Reset internal state so matching session can be repeated.

To run

./ || run.bat

To build and run (if you made changes)

Make sure maven and leiningen are installed and on the PATH ./

Todo List

  1. Port the rest of bash scripts to Windows bat
  2. Implement scala version
  3. Implement haskell version
  4. Collect run statistics: jcmegen will call into public web app which will store and report on run statistics.


Copyright (C) 2011 Vitaly Peressada

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.