Desktop tool for listing and uploading games and homebrew applications to PSVITA without the size requirements of uploading the whole VPK and extracting it later.
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VitaOrganizer 0.6.1

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Desktop tool for listing and uploading games and homebrew applications to PSVITA without the size requirements of uploading the whole VPK and extracting it later.

It is written in Kotlin/Java.

It should work on Windows, Linux and MacOS. It is a Java desktop application, packed in an executable .JAR, that can be executed directly with double click on most cases.

In other cases, you can run it with java -jar vitaorganizer-0.6.1.jar

You can download a prebuild binary here, or just build from source: Download VitaOrganizer 0.6.1 here



  • [new] Support copying via usb (gordon0001)
  • [new] Misc improvements (gordon0001)
  • [new] MacOS app support


  • [new] Hotspot feature (just for windows) [quickly create a unique wifi hostednetwork with a SSID and PASS directly from the app for direct sending without Internet connection]
  • [new] Added support for converting maidumptool backups into vpk
  • [new] Added support for installing some maidumptool backups that were not working previously
  • [new] Support update vpks + several versions with the same TITLE_ID
  • [new] Display path in context menu
  • [new] New icons
  • [new] New cache system
  • [fixed] Show vpks without icons
  • [fixed] Deleting vpk after installing
  • [fixed] Fixed compression level that was compression method
  • [fixed] Not reporting progress when indexing vpks
  • [removed] Temporarily deleted display device games
  • [improved] Notice when closing if there is a task running
  • [improved] Allow opening several PSF files at once
  • [improved] Moved old two-pass installation method into a submenu so it is harder to access
  • [improved] Improved popup context menu
  • Some refactorings
  • Some reliability fixes
  • Some translation updates

Thanks to gordon0001 for continuing the work these weeks!


  • Added a couple of new texts (MENU_INSTALL_VPK and STEP_SENDING_GAME_UPLOADING)
  • Updated STEP_UPLOADING_VPK_FOR_PROMOTING supporting %speed%
  • Fixed install in 1-step that was broken in 0.5.1
  • Fixed installing vpk without connecting to psvita previously (that was trying to connect to fixed
  • Added File - Install VPK option to be able to install not listed VPK
  • Capitalized languages in menus
  • Small fixes, improvements and cleanups

0.5.1 (Do not use, it has known issues) (use 0.5.2 instead)

  • Added language menu
  • Fixed languages that were displayed wrong (use 0.5.2 instead)
  • Small internal improvements

0.5 (Do not use, it has known issues)

  • Filtering feature
  • Dumper Version/Compression Level display
  • About dialog
  • Added 2 level of subdirectories
  • More translations


  • Improved row selection
  • Supported translations (please, go to github if you want to translate to your own language)
  • Show file in explorer/finder
  • Show PSF dialog
  • Version column useful for homebrew
  • Repack : Compression 9 + Remove duplicates + Make it safe (for backups done with older versions of vitamin, or homebrew done with older versions of vitasdk or without -s but that do not require special permissions)
  • Queue tasks (not displaying yet, but already allows to queue)
  • Added menus that will provide more features in future versions
  • Lots of internal improvements


  • Fixes size of games in psvita (please delete vitaorganizer/cache folder)
  • Fixed paths in windows
  • Allow column sorting
  • Improved error reporting

Building from source

You can open build.gradle in intelliJ IDEA 2016.2 (Community Edition is ok) to get started directly. The main class is defined in : src/com/soywiz/vitaorganizer/VitaOrganizer.kt

You can compile without intelliJ directly from the console just with gradle. Just call

gradle jar

It will generate the file build/libs/vitaorganizer-VERSION.jar with all the dependencies included as an executable jar that should work on desktop java versions.

In order to generate a native windows executable:

gradle clean minimizedJar launch4j

It will generate the file build/libs/vitaorganizer-VERSION.exe. It uses launch4j as launcher, and proguard for minimizing all the files so the executable will be smaller.


VitaOrganizer supports localization. It uses the default ResourceBundle java system. It includes intelliJ support. You can edit/create: resources/com/soywiz/vitaorganizer/Texts_*.properties files in order to translate the application. You can edit those files easily using intelliJ. More information: Texts are referenced into intelliJ easily and allows to find back references.

In order to test several languages, you can launch the JVM with the following arguments: -Duser.language=es