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Make it possible to tell a scrollbar to be "always on" #8

vitch opened this Issue Aug 21, 2010 · 9 comments

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vitch commented Aug 21, 2010

Similar to overflow: scroll - you should be able to make scrollbars appear even if they aren't necessary...


I would like to see this feature too

Garima commented Nov 26, 2010

Even i want to see this feature badly.Without this UI looks like its dancing.

Reported at also

vitch commented Nov 26, 2010

I provided a workaround on this question on stack overflow - maybe it will help you until I get a chance to implement the functionality into the plugin:

Garima commented Nov 26, 2010

Thanks Kelvin it worked for me :).Would wait for this feature to get implemented.

Also it would be great if you can suggest some way to hide jspTrack or jspDrag if scroll is not needed. :)

Again thnx a lot for the support you r providing

fustic commented Mar 20, 2012

the one of solution is to put into the default settings a new parameter "allwaysShowScroll : true,"
and in function initialiseVerticalScroll() - change a condition
if (isScrollableV) {
if (isScrollableV || settings.allwaysShowScroll) {


fustic, this is it!! works great!!
i also had to change line 176 from
if (!(isScrollableH || isScrollableV))
if (!(isScrollableH || isScrollableV || settings.allwaysShowScroll))

great solution, thanks!


Thx for the solution, would be lovely to see this implemented in master branch !


+1 for this feature.


I can also confirm this works, would be great to see this merged

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