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Added setting to run a full initialise() #73

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This pull request is relating to my post in the jScrollPane google group:

I added a 'settings' field to do a full initialise which skips the return statement in Initialise() if the system finds that the window dimensions have not changed.

The issue this solved was that if a scroll pane started with many elements which required scrolling was updated by ajax to a list of only 1 or 2 elements which did not require scrolling, the scroll bar would not be updated. It would keep the same scroll track of the first list. In another scenario, if a 2nd list was updated (ajax) with 0 elements the scroll bar would be removed. But if the list is updated again with many elements the scroll bar would not reappear. I traced this to the if statement on line 146 which prevents the initialise() function from completing if certain conditions are met.

Thank you!


Found some bug, but i think it depends on contentWidth calculating, and I can't understand where contentWidth should have been changed.

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