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Pendactive is a recursive task management tool that allows individuals or teams organize and assign tasks hierarchically. A live demonstration can be seen at pendactive.com


  • PHP4+
  • MySQL


Copy the entire directory into your httpdocs folder and create a config file:

$ cp php/config-default.php php/config.php

You will need to define the following strings in php/config.php:

define(CONFIG_DB_NAME,          '');    // database name
define(CONFIG_DB_HOSTNAME,      '');    // database hostname
define(CONFIG_DB_USER,          '');    // database username
define(CONFIG_DB_PASSWORD,      '');    // database password
define(CONFIG_DATADIR,          '');    // path to read/writable data directory 

Most of that is quite self explanatory, basically you just need an empty MySQL database sitting somewhere on a server. The last string, CONFIG_DATADIR is the full path of a read/writable directory used for storing image files. This is can be anywhere but it is recommended that it sits outside of your httpdocs directory. You may also have to edit PHP's default open_basedir in order to allow it access to that directory.

Next, in a web browser open the following page to initialize the database:


And thats it!