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#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use SVN::Notify;

# Parse out the options.
my $opts = SVN::Notify->get_options
  or require Pod::Usage && Pod::Usage::pod2usage(2);

# Handle version, help, man.
if (delete $opts->{version}) {
    print 'svnnotify ', SVN::Notify->VERSION, $/;

require Pod::Usage && Pod::Usage::pod2usage(
    '-verbose' => 99,
    '-sections' => '(?i:(Usage|Options))',
    '-exitval' => 0,
) if delete $opts->{help};

require Pod::Usage && Pod::Usage::pod2usage(
    '-verbose' => 99,
    '-sections' => '.+',
    '-exitval' => 0,
) if delete $opts->{man};

# What class are we using?
my $class = 'SVN::Notify';
$class .= '::' . delete $opts->{handler} if $opts->{handler};

# Do it!
my $notifier = $class->new(%$opts);


=head1 Name

svnnotify - Subversion activity notification

=head1 Usage

svnnotify --repos-path "$1" --revision "$2" [options]

=head1 Options

-p --repos-path PATH Path to the Subversion repository. Required.
-r --revision REVISION Commit revision number. Required.
-t --to ADDRESS The notification destination email address.
Required unless --to-regex-map.
-x --to-regex-map TO=REGEX A mapping between a destination email address
and a regular expression to match against the
directories affected by the commit. Required
unless --to or --to-email-map.
--to-email-map REGEX=TO The inverse of --to-regex-map: Map a regular
expresion to an email address. Required unless
--to or --to-regex-map.
-f --from ADDRESS Email address to use in the From header.
-D --user-domain DOMAIN Domain name to append to the username to
complete the email address in the From header.
-l --svnlook SVNLOOK Location of the svnlook executable.
-s --sendmail SENDMAIL Location of the sendmail executable.
-E --set-sender Set the envelope sender to the from address.
--smtp ADDRESS Address for an SMTP server.
--smtp-user USERNAME Username for authenticating to a SMTP server.
--smtp-pass PASSWORD Password for authenticating to a SMTP server.
--smtp-port PORT Port to connect to on the SMTP server.
--smtp-tls Enable TLS/SSL connection to the SMTP server.
-c --encoding ENCODING The character encoding for reading and writing
--svn-encoding ENCODING The character encoding of the log message and
the repository files.
--diff-encoding ENCODING The character encoding of the repository files.
-g --language LANGUAGE Value for the Content-Language header and $LANG
environment variable.
-d --with-diff Include the diff in the message.
-a --attach-diff Attach the diff to the message.
-w --diff-switches SWITCHES Switches to pass to C<svnlook diff>.
--diff-content-type TYPE Sets the Content-Type for diff attachments.
-R --reply-to ADDRESS Address for use in the Reply-To header.
--add-header NAME=VALUE Add an extra header to the email.
-P --subject-prefix PREFIX String to prepend to the subject.
-C --subject-cx Include the context of the commit in the
-X --strip-cx-regex Regex to remove part of the CX file name from
the subject.
-O --no-first-line Do not include the first line of the log
message in the subject.
-i --max-sub-length LENGTH Maximum size of the subject line.
-e --max-diff-length LENGTH Maximum size of the diff output.
-H --handler HANDLER The notification handler, such as "HTML".
-F --filter FILTER An output filter, such as "Markdown".
-A --author-url URL Include link to specified author URL.
-U --revision-url URL Include links to specified Revision URL.
-T --rt-url URL Include links to specified Request Tracker URL.
-B --bugzilla-url URL Include links to specified Bugzilla URL.
-J --jira-url URL Include links to specified JIRA URL.
-G --gnats-url URL Include links to specified Gnats URL.
--ticket-map REGEX=URL Regex and URL for custom ticket identifiers.
--header HEADER Text header to display before body.
--footer FOOTER Text footer to display at end of body.
-V --verbose Incremental verbose mode.
-h --help Print this usage statement and exit.
-m --man Print the complete documentation and exit.
-v --version Print the version number and exit.

More options may be supported by the subclass of SVN::Notify specified by the
C<--handler> option or by filters specified by the C<--filter> option. Consult
the documentation of the relevant modules for details.

=head1 See Also

See L<SVN::Notify|SVN::Notify> for the complete documentation. If you're
having issues with character encodings, see especially the L<Character
Encoding Support|SVN::Notify/"Chraracter Encoding Support"> section.

=head1 Author

David E. Wheeler <>

=head1 Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2004-2011 David E. Wheeler. Some Rights Reserved.

This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the same terms as Perl itself.

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