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This repository is used to run integration tests for vite ecosystem projects

via github workflow


Workflows are scheduled to run automatically every Monday, Wednesday and Friday


  • open workflow
  • click 'Run workflow' button on top right of the list
  • select suite to run in dropdown
  • start workflow

via shell script

  • clone this repo
  • run pnpm i
  • run pnpm test to run all suites
  • or pnpm test <suitename> to select a suite
  • or tsx ecosystem-ci.ts

You can pass --tag v2.8.0-beta.1, --branch somebranch or --commit abcd1234 option to select a specific vite version to build. If you pass --release 2.7.13, vite build will be skipped and vite is fetched from the registry instead

The repositories are checked out into workspace subdirectory as shallow clones

via comment on PR

  • comment /ecosystem-ci run on a PR
  • or /ecosystem-ci run <suitename> to select a suite

Users with triage permission to vitejs/vite repository can only use this.

See docs/ for how to setup this feature.

how to add a new integration test

  • check out the existing tests and add one yourself. Thanks to some utilities it is really easy
  • once you are confident the suite works, add it to the lists of suites in the workflows

reporting results


Results are posted automatically to #ecosystem-ci on vite discord

on your own server

  • Go to Server settings > Integrations > Webhooks and click New Webhook
  • Give it a name, icon and a channel to post to
  • copy the webhook url
  • get in touch with admins of this repo so they can add the webhook

how to add a discord webhook here

  • Go to <github repo>/settings/secrets/actions and click on New repository secret
  • paste the discord webhook url you copied from above into Value
  • Click Add secret