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chore(deps): update all non-major dependencies #7949

merged 1 commit into from May 2, 2022


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@renovate renovate bot commented Apr 28, 2022

WhiteSource Renovate

This PR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
@ampproject/remapping ^2.1.2 -> ^2.2.0 age adoption passing confidence
@babel/core (source) ^7.17.9 -> ^7.17.10 age adoption passing confidence
@babel/parser (source) ^7.17.9 -> ^7.17.10 age adoption passing confidence
@babel/standalone (source) ^7.17.9 -> ^7.17.11 age adoption passing confidence
@babel/types (source) ^7.17.0 -> ^7.17.10 age adoption passing confidence
@microsoft/api-extractor (source) ^7.22.2 -> ^7.23.0 age adoption passing confidence
@types/resolve ^1.20.1 -> ^1.20.2 age adoption passing confidence
@typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin ^5.20.0 -> ^5.21.0 age adoption passing confidence
@typescript-eslint/parser ^5.20.0 -> ^5.21.0 age adoption passing confidence
acorn ^8.7.0 -> ^8.7.1 age adoption passing confidence
core-js ^3.22.2 -> ^3.22.3 age adoption passing confidence
eslint (source) ^8.13.0 -> ^8.14.0 age adoption passing confidence
lint-staged ^12.4.0 -> ^12.4.1 age adoption passing confidence
pnpm (source) 6.32.9 -> 6.32.11 age adoption passing confidence
postcss (source) ^8.4.12 -> ^8.4.13 age adoption passing confidence
react-refresh (source) ^0.12.0 -> ^0.13.0 age adoption passing confidence
terser (source) ^5.12.1 -> ^5.13.1 age adoption passing confidence
tslib (source) ^2.3.1 -> ^2.4.0 age adoption passing confidence
ws ^8.5.0 -> ^8.6.0 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes



Compare Source

New Features


Full Changelog: ampproject/remapping@v2.1.2...v2.2.0

babel/babel (@​babel/core)


Compare Source

🐛 Bug Fix
  • babel-cli, babel-core, babel-generator, babel-helper-transform-fixture-test-runner
💅 Polish
  • babel-cli, babel-core, babel-generator, babel-helper-fixtures, babel-helper-transform-fixture-test-runner
  • babel-plugin-proposal-pipeline-operator, babel-traverse
🏠 Internal
🏃‍♀️ Performance
  • babel-cli, babel-core, babel-generator
babel/babel (@​babel/parser)


Compare Source

v7.17.10 (2022-04-29)

Thanks @​Abreto, @​Andoryuuta, @​apeltop, @​JohnDaly, and @​wjw99830 for your first PRs!

🐛 Bug Fix
  • babel-cli, babel-core, babel-generator, babel-helper-transform-fixture-test-runner
💅 Polish
  • babel-cli, babel-core, babel-generator, babel-helper-fixtures, babel-helper-transform-fixture-test-runner
  • babel-plugin-proposal-pipeline-operator, babel-traverse
🏠 Internal
🏃‍♀️ Performance
  • babel-cli, babel-core, babel-generator
Committers: 12
typescript-eslint/typescript-eslint (@​typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin)


Compare Source

Bug Fixes
  • eslint-plugin: [no-misused-promises] prioritize false returns when checking whether a function returns only void (#​4841) (ccadb60)
  • eslint-plugin: [no-namespace] fix false positive for exported namespaces when allowDeclarations=true (#​4844) (4e7c9be)
  • eslint-plugin: [space-infix-ops] fix no error when right type is function (#​4848) (d74d559)
  • eslint-plugin: [parameter-properties] add rule to replace no-parameter-properties (#​4622) (88ed9ec)
typescript-eslint/typescript-eslint (@​typescript-eslint/parser)


Compare Source

Note: Version bump only for package @​typescript-eslint/parser



Compare Source



Compare Source

  • Added a fix for FF99+ Array.prototype.includes broken on sparse arrays


Compare Source


  • ab6363d feat: Add rule no-constant-binary-expression (#​15296) (Jordan Eldredge)

Bug Fixes

  • 35fa1dd fix: allow project paths to have URL-encoded characters (#​15795) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 413f1d5 fix: update astUtils.isDirectiveComment with globals and exported (#​15775) (Milos Djermanovic)

Build Related


  • 735458c chore: add static frontmatter to no-constant-binary-expression docs (#​15798) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • db28f2c chore: Add static frontmatter to docs (#​15782) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 3bca59e chore: markdownlint autofix on commit (#​15783) (Nicholas C. Zakas)


Compare Source

Bug Fixes
  • correctly handle symlinked config files (b3f63ec)


Compare Source

Patch Changes
  • pnpm publish should work correctly in a workspace, when the latest npm CLI is installed #​4348.
  • Installation shouldn't fail when a package from node_modules is moved to the node_modules/.ignored subfolder and a package with that name is already present in `node_modules/.ignored' #​4626.

Full Changelog: pnpm/pnpm@v6.32.10...v6.32.11


Compare Source

Patch Changes
  • It should be possible to use a chain of local file dependencies #​4611.
  • Filtering by directory should work with directories that have unicode chars in the name #​4595.

Full Changelog: pnpm/pnpm@v6.32.9...v6.32.10



Compare Source

  • Fixed append() error after using .parent (by Jordan Pittman).


Compare Source

React Core
Breaking Changes
  • Deprecated patterns that warned in 0.12 no longer work: most prominently, calling component classes without using JSX or React.createElement and using non-component functions with JSX or createElement
  • Mutating props after an element is created is deprecated and will cause warnings in development mode; future versions of React will incorporate performance optimizations assuming that props aren't mutated
  • Static methods (defined in statics) are no longer autobound to the component class
  • ref resolution order has changed slightly such that a ref to a component is available immediately after its componentDidMount method is called; this change should be observable only if your component calls a parent component's callback within your componentDidMount, which is an anti-pattern and should be avoided regardless
  • Calls to setState in life-cycle methods are now always batched and therefore asynchronous. Previously the first call on the first mount was synchronous.
  • setState and forceUpdate on an unmounted component now warns instead of throwing. That avoids a possible race condition with Promises.
  • Access to most internal properties has been completely removed, including this._pendingState and this._rootNodeID.
New Features
  • Support for using ES6 classes to build React components; see the v0.13.0 beta 1 notes for details.
  • Added new top-level API React.findDOMNode(component), which should be used in place of component.getDOMNode(). The base class for ES6-based components will not have getDOMNode. This change will enable some more patterns moving forward.
  • Added a new top-level API React.cloneElement(el, props) for making copies of React elements – see the v0.13 RC2 notes for more details.
  • New ref style, allowing a callback to be used in place of a name: <Photo ref={(c) => this._photo = c} /> allows you to reference the component with this._photo (as opposed to ref="photo" which gives
  • this.setState() can now take a function as the first argument for transactional state updates, such as this.setState((state, props) => ({count: state.count + 1})); – this means that you no longer need to use this._pendingState, which is now gone.
  • Support for iterators and immutable-js sequences as children.
  • ComponentClass.type is deprecated. Just use ComponentClass (usually as element.type === ComponentClass).
  • Some methods that are available on createClass-based components are removed or deprecated from ES6 classes (getDOMNode, replaceState, isMounted, setProps, replaceProps).
React with Add-Ons
New Features
  • React.addons.classSet is now deprecated. This functionality can be replaced with several freely available modules. classnames is one such module.
  • Calls to React.addons.cloneWithProps can be migrated to use React.cloneElement instead – make sure to merge style and className manually if desired.
React Tools
Breaking Changes
  • When transforming ES6 syntax, class methods are no longer enumerable by default, which requires Object.defineProperty; if you support browsers such as IE8, you can pass --target es3 to mirror the old behavior
New Features
  • --target option is available on the jsx command, allowing users to specify and ECMAScript version to target.
    • es5 is the default.
    • es3 restores the previous default behavior. An additional transform is added here to ensure the use of reserved words as properties is safe (eg this.static will become this['static'] for IE8 compatibility).
  • The transform for the call spread operator has also been enabled.
Breaking Changes
  • The return value of transform now contains sourceMap as a JS object already, not an instance of SourceMapGenerator.
Breaking Changes
  • A change was made to how some JSX was parsed, specifically around the use of > or } when inside an element. Previously it would be treated as a string but now it will be treated as a parse error. The jsx_orphaned_brackets_transformer package on npm can be used to find and fix potential issues in your JSX code.


Compare Source

  • Removed self-assignments (varname=varname) (closes #​1081)
  • Separated inlining code (for inlining things into references, or removing IIFEs)
  • Allow multiple identifiers with the same name in var destructuring (eg var { a, a } = x) (#​1176)


Compare Source

  • All calls to eval() were removed (#​1171, #​1184)
  • source-map was updated to 0.8.0-beta.0 (#​1164)
  • NavigatorUAData was added to domprops to avoid property mangling (#​1166)


Compare Source

This release includes the __classPrivateFieldIn helper as well as an update to __createBinding to reduce indirection between multiple re-exports.



Compare Source


  • Add the ability to remove confidential headers on a per-redirect basis (#​2030).


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@renovate renovate bot added the dependencies Pull requests that update a dependency file label Apr 28, 2022
@renovate renovate bot force-pushed the renovate/all-minor-patch branch 3 times, most recently from 398e997 to 3016a88 Compare April 29, 2022 23:38
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@bluwy bluwy left a comment

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There's a v0 minor bump for react-refresh but it seems that there's only whitespace changes. Not sure what's going on there.

@patak-dev patak-dev merged commit b877d30 into main May 2, 2022
@patak-dev patak-dev deleted the renovate/all-minor-patch branch May 2, 2022 07:35
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