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chore(deps): update all non-major dependencies #8669

merged 1 commit into from Jun 20, 2022


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@renovate renovate bot commented Jun 20, 2022

Mend Renovate

This PR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
@microsoft/api-extractor (source) ^7.25.0 -> ^7.25.2 age adoption passing confidence
@types/react ^18.0.12 -> ^18.0.14 age adoption passing confidence
@types/semver ^7.3.9 -> ^7.3.10 age adoption passing confidence
@typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin ^5.27.1 -> ^5.28.0 age adoption passing confidence
@typescript-eslint/parser ^5.27.1 -> ^5.28.0 age adoption passing confidence
core-js ^3.22.8 -> ^3.23.1 age adoption passing confidence
eslint (source) ^8.17.0 -> ^8.18.0 age adoption passing confidence
lint-staged ^13.0.1 -> ^13.0.2 age adoption passing confidence
lit (source) ^2.2.5 -> ^2.2.6 age adoption passing confidence
mlly ^0.5.1 -> ^0.5.3 age adoption passing confidence
pnpm (source) 7.2.1 -> 7.3.0 age adoption passing confidence
pnpm (source) ^7.2.1 -> ^7.3.0 age adoption passing confidence
preact ^10.7.3 -> ^10.8.1 age adoption passing confidence
prettier (source) 2.7.0 -> 2.7.1 age adoption passing confidence
react (source) ^18.1.0 -> ^18.2.0 age adoption passing confidence
react-dom (source) ^18.1.0 -> ^18.2.0 age adoption passing confidence
react-refresh (source) ^0.13.0 -> ^0.14.0 age adoption passing confidence
resolve ^1.22.0 -> ^1.22.1 age adoption passing confidence
strip-literal ^0.3.0 -> ^0.4.0 age adoption passing confidence
tailwindcss (source) ^3.1.2 -> ^3.1.3 age adoption passing confidence
vitest ^0.14.2 -> ^0.15.1 age adoption passing confidence
vue-tsc ^0.37.5 -> ^0.38.1 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes

typescript-eslint/typescript-eslint (@​typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin)


Compare Source

Bug Fixes
  • [TS4.7] allow visiting of typeParameters in TSTypeQuery (#​5166) (dc1f930)
  • eslint-plugin: [space-infix-ops] support for optional property without type (#​5155) (1f25daf)
  • eslint-plugin: [consistent-generic-constructors] add rule (#​4924) (921cdf1)

5.27.1 (2022-06-06)

Bug Fixes
  • eslint-plugin: [space-infix-ops] correct PropertyDefinition with typeAnnotation (#​5113) (d320174)
  • eslint-plugin: [space-infix-ops] regression fix for conditional types (#​5135) (e5238c8)
  • eslint-plugin: [space-infix-ops] regression fix for type aliases (#​5138) (4e13deb)
typescript-eslint/typescript-eslint (@​typescript-eslint/parser)


Compare Source

Note: Version bump only for package @​typescript-eslint/parser

5.27.1 (2022-06-06)

Note: Version bump only for package @​typescript-eslint/parser



Compare Source

  • Fixed possible error on multiple core-js copies, #​1091
  • Added v flag to RegExp.prototype.flags implementation in case if current V8 bugs will not be fixed before this flag implementation


Compare Source

  • Array find from last moved to the stable ES, according to June 2022 TC39 meeting:
    • Array.prototype.findLast
    • Array.prototype.findLastIndex
    • %TypedArray%.prototype.findLast
    • %TypedArray%.prototype.findLastIndex
  • Methods from the Array grouping proposal renamed, according to June 2022 TC39 meeting:
    • Array.prototype.groupBy ->
    • Array.prototype.groupByToMap -> Array.prototype.groupToMap
  • Changed the order of operations in %TypedArray%.prototype.with following proposal-change-array-by-copy/86, according to June 2022 TC39 meeting
  • Decorator Metadata proposal extracted from Decorators proposal as a separate stage 2 proposal, according to March 2022 TC39 meeting, Symbol.metadataKey replaces Symbol.metadata
  • Added Array.prototype.push polyfill with some fixes for modern engines
  • Added Array.prototype.unshift polyfill with some fixes for modern engines
  • Fixed a bug in the order of getting flags in RegExp.prototype.flags in the actual version of V8
  • Fixed property descriptors of some Math and Number constants
  • Added a workaround of V8 ArrayBufferDetaching protector cell invalidation and performance degradation on structuredClone feature detection, one more case of #​679
  • Added detection of NodeJS bug in structuredClone that can not clone DOMException (just in case for future versions that will fix other issues)
  • Compat data:
    • Added NodeJS 18.3 compat data mapping
    • Added and fixed Deno 1.22 and 1.21 compat data mapping
    • Added Opera Android 69 compat data mapping
    • Updated Electron 20.0 compat data mapping


Compare Source


  • a6273b8 feat: account for rule creation time in performance reports (#​15982) (Nitin Kumar)

Bug Fixes

  • f364d47 fix: Make no-unused-vars treat for..of loops same as loops (#​15868) (Alex Bass)


  • 4871047 docs: Update analytics, canonical URL, ads (#​15996) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • cddad14 docs: Add correct/incorrect containers (#​15998) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • b04bc6f docs: Add rules meta info to rule pages (#​15902) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 1324f10 docs: unify the wording referring to optional exception (#​15893) (Abdelrahman Elkady)
  • ad54d02 docs: add missing trailing slash to some internal links (#​15991) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • df7768e docs: Switch to version-relative URLs (#​15978) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 21d6479 docs: change some absolute links to relative (#​15970) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • f31216a docs: Update README team and sponsors (ESLint Jenkins)

Build Related

  • ed49f15 build: remove unwanted parallel and image-min for dev server (#​15986) (Strek)


  • f6e2e63 chore: fix 'replaced by' rule list (#​16007) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • d94dc84 chore: remove unused deprecation warnings (#​15994) (Francesco Trotta)
  • cdcf11e chore: fix versions link (#​15995) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • d2a8715 chore: add trailing slash to pathPrefix (#​15993) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 58a1bf0 chore: tweak URL rewriting for local previews (#​15992) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 80404d2 chore: remove docs deploy workflow (#​15984) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 71bc750 chore: Set permissions for GitHub actions (#​15971) (Naveen)
  • 90ff647 chore: avoid generating subdirectories for each page on new docs site (#​15967) (Milos Djermanovic)


Compare Source

Bug Fixes
  • use new --diff and --diff-filter options when checking task modifications (1a5a66a)


Compare Source

Patch Changes


Compare Source


Compare Source



Compare Source

Minor Changes
  • A new setting added: pnpm.peerDependencyRules.allowAny. allowAny is an array of package name patterns, any peer dependency matching the pattern will be resolved from any version, regardless of the range specified in peerDependencies. For instance:

       "pnpm": {
         "peerDependencyRules": {
           "allowAny": ["@​babel/*", "eslint"]

    The above setting will mute any warnings about peer dependency version mismatches related to @babel/ packages or eslint.

  • The pnpm.peerDependencyRules.ignoreMissing setting may accept package name patterns. So you may ignore any missing @babel/* peer dependencies, for instance:

      "pnpm": {
        "peerDependencyRules": {
          "ignoreMissing": ["@​babel/*"]
  • Experimental. New settings added: use-git-branch-lockfile, merge-git-branch-lockfiles, merge-git-branch-lockfiles-branch-pattern #​4475.

Patch Changes
  • Packages that should be built are always cloned or copied from the store. This is required to prevent the postinstall scripts from modifying the original source files of the package.
Our Sponsors
##### What's Changed * feat: enhance peer dependency rules by @​TravisJRyan in * feat: add git-branch-lockfile config to generate lockfile in each branch by @​chengcyber in * fix: built packages should not modify the original files in the store by @​zkochan in ##### New Contributors * @​TravisJRyan made their first contribution in

Full Changelog: pnpm/pnpm@v7.2.1...v7.3.0



Compare Source


Keep useful empty lines in description (#​13013 by @​chimurai)


Compare Source

React DOM
React DOM Server
Server Components (Experimental)


Compare Source



Compare Source

   🚨 Breaking Changes
  • Introduce strip using regex as fallback #1
    View changes on GitHub


Compare Source

  • Fix extraction of multi-word utilities with arbitrary values and quotes (#​8604)
  • Fix casing of import of corePluginList type definition (#​8587)
  • Ignore PostCSS nodes returned by addVariant (#​8608)
  • Fix missing spaces around arithmetic operators (#​8615)
  • Detect alpha value in CSS theme() function when using quotes (#​8625)
  • Fix "Maximum call stack size exceeded" bug (#​8636)
  • Allow functions returning parallel variants to mutate the container (#​8622)
  • Remove text opacity CSS variables from ::marker (#​8622)


Compare Source

   🐞 Bug Fixes
  • Reliably process css with css option 22fed1b8
   ❤️ Contributors

   Thanks to @​sheremet-va | @​stormwarning

    View changes on GitHub


Compare Source

   🚀 Features
  • Bind expect state to context #1468
  • Introduce VITEST_POOL_ID #1473
  • Add maxConcurrency option, 5 by default #1483
  • Add --shard command #1477
  • Add css config option, don't process CSS by default #1467
   🐞 Bug Fixes
  • Null inside test.each is not turned into an empty array #1462
  • Add @​types/node to dependencies #1474
  • Parent is defined on global, closes #1489
  • web-worker:
    • Ensure event listener functions are bound correctly #1487
    View changes on GitHub


Compare Source

  • fix: fixed isIntrinsicElement is not a function error (#​1478)


Compare Source

  • feat: support component preview for Vite + Vue 3 (#​1476)
    you need to install vite-plugin-vue-component-preview manually to support this feature
  • feat: support auto insert .value for vue 2 (#​1466)
  • fix: cannot define global components types with @vue/runtime-core in Vue 2 (#​1469)
  • fix: cannot emit declaration with script setup on vue-tsc (#​1459)
  • fix: component auto import unreliable (#​1470)
  • fix: camel case scope css class name intellisense not working (#​1447)
  • fix(petite-vue): cannot access script tag local variables (#​1471)
Our Sponsors


Compare Source

  • perf: only support VitePress, petite-vue when *.md, *.html explicitly added in tsconfig include property (#​1463)
  • fix: respect codeAction.disabledSupport capability (#​1454)
  • fix: auto import component tag name including "Vue" on import (#​1461)
  • fix: don't recognize components without script blocks as js languages (#​1452) (#​1455)
  • fix: scope class name doesn't show underline (#​1447)
  • fix: withDefaults syntax break in lang="tsx" (#​1458)
  • fix: alpine-language-server bin script name incorrect (#​1460)


Compare Source

  • feat: create alpine-language-features extension for support Alpine.js via reuse petite-vue language support works
  • fix: petite-vue createApp arg range inaccurate
  • fix: vue component context properties missing in petite-vue template


Compare Source

  • fix: cannot resolve external vue file path (#​1445)
  • fix: petite-vue v-scope data type loss in inline handlers (#​1442)
  • fix: petite-vue createApp() initialData type missing in template (#​1444)


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