@viteshan viteshan released this Dec 8, 2018 · 1 commit to 20181207 since this release

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Fixed invalid transaction rollback failure - Certain invalid transaction may cause the account chain rolls back to a wrong position. As a result, this account chain cannot be snapshotted normally and all affected SBP nodes could suffer intermittent snapshot block producing problem.

This is the updated bug-fix version of 1.1.0(previously 1.0.4 with full node reward). If you've installed 1.1.0(previously 1.0.4), please upgrade to this version. If you have not yet installed 1.1.0(previously 1.0.4) but want to join full node reward program please install this version directly.

SHA256(gvite-v1.1.1-darwin.tar.gz)= 8099c31fb009739ad00ac7d984e10667d20df3125b276e26037e5d52bdee9c57
SHA256(gvite-v1.1.1-linux.tar.gz)= a82434cc697caab0e9d0c983e57a8ca718e378f13312df276ecbb5ac570ece89
SHA256(gvite-v1.1.1-windows.tar.gz)= eeb077b32049b8b8a3e424970346b2eaa544e2a9645fca39fe0fcb86af03d80d