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Bootstrap Images

These Dockerfiles create images that contain everything Vitess expects to have after successfully running and dev.env.

The vitess/bootstrap image comes in different flavors:

  • vitess/bootstrap:common - dependencies that are common to all flavors
  • vitess/bootstrap:mariadb - bootstrap image for MariaDB
  • vitess/bootstrap:mysql56 - bootstrap image for MySQL 5.6
  • vitess/bootstrap:mysql57 - bootstrap image for MySQL 5.7
  • vitess/bootstrap:percona - bootstrap image for Percona Server
  • vitess/bootstrap:percona57 - bootstrap image for Percona Server 5.7

NOTE: Unlike the base image that builds Vitess itself, this bootstrap image will NOT be rebuilt automatically on every push to the Vitess master branch.

To build a new bootstrap image, use the script.

First build the common image, then any flavors you want. For example:

vitess$ docker/bootstrap/ common
vitess$ docker/bootstrap/ mysql56

For Vitess Project Maintainers

To update all bootstrap images on Docker Hub, you can use the docker_bootstrap Makefile target to build every flavor:

  1. Build new bootstrap images.

    vitess$ make docker_bootstrap
  2. For each flavor, run all tests and make sure that they pass.

    vitess$ make docker_bootstrap_test
  3. When all tests passed, push each image to Docker Hub.

    vitess$ make docker_bootstrap_push