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The Vitess website

This repo houses the assets used to build the website at

Running the site locally

To run the website locally, you need to have the "extended" version of the Hugo static site generator installed (installation instructions here). Installing the Hugo version in netlify.toml is recommended.

Once Hugo is installed you will need to install npm or yarn and fetch the dependencies in the git directory:

cd website
npm install


cd website

You are now ready to startup the hugo server:

hugo server --buildDrafts --buildFuture

This starts Hugo in local mode. You can see access the site at http://localhost:1313.

Adding a user logo

If you'd like to add your logo to the Who uses Vitess section of the website, add a PNG, JPEG, or SVG of your logo to the static/img/logos/users directory in this repo and submit a pull request with your change. Name the image file something that reflects your company (e.g., if your company is called Acme, name the image acme.png).

Link checking

You can check the site's internal links by running make check-internal-links and all links—internal and external—by running make check-all-links.


The Vitess website uses Bulma, a CSS (and SASS) framework that provides all kinds of variables, utilities, and components.

If you are running Hugo locally and your .sass file changes are not getting picked up: make sure you have installed the "extended" version of the hugo binary.