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A concurrent, object-oriented, functional programming language with a very strong type system. NOTE: Not to be confused with - same author, very different language; this one's dead.
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Atomo is a programming language written in Haskell and will
eventually target LLVM.

For now it is entirely interpreted, but it seems to work pretty

Unique aspects:
    - Object-oriented
    - Statically-typed
    - Functions can be defined as prefix or infix on-the-fly
    - A very strong and robust type system heavily
      influenced by Haskell. And by influenced I mean I
      ganked it. :) There have been changes to make it fit
      into an OO style, however.
    - Strings are just lists of characters.
    - Python-esque syntax
    - Pattern matching
    - Modular
    - And lastly, fast.

My goal with Atomo is to fill the void between the speed of Java
and the prettiness of Python, with many things heavily influenced
(or, ahem, stolen from) Haskell. I'm making a language I'd want to
code in.

Atomo is designed with flexibility and conciseness in mind. It has a
lot of aspects often seen in functional programming languages, like
pattern matching, a strong and consistent type system, defining
infix functions, static typing, etc.

To learn more, just take a peep at the example file, ""

"But Alex, dynamic typing is all the rage! Why? WHY?!"

Because there are already too many good ones. Writing another
dynamic, object-oriented language doesn't really make any headway
unless it's pretty dang unique. I also prefer static typing for its
tendency towards bug prevention, and it often acts as a form of

Also, yes, I used an ASCII generator for the "logo" up top.

I'm not that l33t.
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