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  • Auctioneer
  • Representative
  • Instance
  • In-process algorithm simulation
  • Textual visualization
  • Naive HTTP (too many open files)
  • Naive NATS topology (pub/sub per rep per vote)
  • Collated NATS topology (one pub/sub per vote across all reps)
  • Pull out common client interface
  • [] Organize by communication medium
  • [] One rep binary for all communication
  • [] All client methods should return an error
  • [] Refactor tests
  • [] Separate Auctioneer (server) from AuctionDistributer (client)
  • [] Move suites into communication medium and extract formatting into a visualization package
  • [] Text visualization can be written without reference to reps?
  • [] Implement connection limiting (semaphore) in http client and server
  • [] RPC ?
  • [] Bosh deploy representatives that support all three protocols
  • [] Run trials on AWS
  • [] Improved visualizations (animations?)
  • [] Test suite that runs different scenarios and actually fails if the distribution is invalid.
  • [] Identify entry points for using the Auctioneer package and Representative package in actual components.
    • Ideally the algorithm is safely locked up and tested in the Auction repo.
    • Consumers simply provide methods that the Auction repo guarantees are called correctly (order really matters here!)


  • Optimizations
    • Limit Rep bidding pool (value of choice: 20)
    • Limit max number of concurrenct auctions (value of choice: 20)
    • [] Repick bidding pool between rounds
    • [] Limit second-round vote to top-3 (?) bidders
  • Scoring functions
    • Memory
    • App Distribution
    • [] Memory & Disk
  • Scenarios [X] Empty reps => large swarm of starts of 1-instance apps [X] Non-empty reps (poor distribution) => large swarm of starts of 1-instance apps [X] Empty reps => N multi-instance apps [X] Seed reps with N multi-instance apps, then deploy M more [X] Seed subset of reps with N multi-instance apps, then deploy M more across all reps [] Many very full reps and few empty ones - how does this play with MaxConcurrent. Is it improved by repicking between rounds?


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