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Velero/OpenEBS backup and restore

These are a couple of scripts to more easily use OpenEBS's Velero plugin so to include cStor volume snapshots in Velero backups. See for reference.

I use these scripts so I don't have to remember all the parameters and additional steps to correctly back up and restore namespaces that include OpenEBS cStor volumes.


  • When restoring, the --include-namespaces parameter is kinda ignored for volumes, while it works for everything else in the namespace. I was told by the OpenEBS devs that in order to be able restore only volumes for the selected namespaces I need to apply some label to the PVs before backing up and then use a selector during the restore to only take into account the selected namespaces. Therefore the backup script -before performing the actual backup or enabling a schedule- adds a label to the PVs in the selected namespaces with the format{namespace}. The restore script then figures out which namespaces to ignore and uses a notin selector to skip restoring volumes in those namespaces;

  • The backup script excludes a couple of cert-manager related resources that otherwise will cause restores to fail when certificates are involved. This doesn't affect the restore of certificates etc which will work just fine after restoring;

  • The restore script sets the target ip of the volumes after restoring, as described in the link above;

  • The restore script, before restoring, cleans up any zfs volumes not deleted automatically when deleting pvcs; this is a known issue which will be fixed in the next OpenEBS release.



./backup.rb --backup <backup name> --include-namespaces <namespaces>

Schedule a backup

./backup.rb --backup <schedule name> --include-namespaces <namespaces> --schedule '0 5 * * *'


./restore.rb --backup <backup name> --include-namespaces <namespaces>
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