Data Package with the list of schools in Birmingham, UK
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Birmingham Schools Dataset

Data package for the list of schools in Birmingham, UK, extracted from

Schools GeoJSON Preview


The data files consist of the CSV taken from Birmingham's Open Data Portal with a few modifications:

  • All headers are lowercased, so WEB_SITE becomes web_site
  • The Kingsland school web site URL is fixed by adding a "http://" prefix

These modifications are done via the scripts/ script.

I also generated a GeoJSON file with the schools coordinates and their attributes in the data/birmingham_schools.geojson. The coordinates come from the CSV's _geom column.


Updating the data requires:

  • Python 3
  • wget
  • Make

Considering you have these pre-requisites, you can update the data by running make update. This will download the latest file version and clean it.

You can also test the data locally. This requires the Python package tox, that you can install using pip install tox. Then the tests can be run using make test.


The data is licensed under the UK Open Government License v3.0. Everything else is licensed under the CC0 Public Domain Waiver.