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Chef cookbook for CKAN.
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Parametize CKAN's repository.

This was a problem faced by willhelmbot at

He wanted to clone his own repository, instead of the official CKAN's, and also
wanted to clone it inside /vagrant/ckan, so he could do changes using the host

This solves both.


This project builds a Virtual Machine with the latest CKAN ready to go. This is only intended for development.


Install Vagrant, clone this repository, then:

$ vagrant up

This will download the VM image, install and configure CKAN and all its dependencies, and run its tests. Go grab a coffee and let it run.

After it's finished, do:

$ vagrant ssh
$ source ~/pyenv/bin/activate
$ cd ~/pyenv/src/ckan
$ paster serve development.ini

You can check http://localhost:5000 to see if everything went well. You should see your newly created CKAN installation. Now you can start playing :)

I would start creating an admin user. Follow CKAN's Post-Installation Setup.


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