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Collection of Alfred Workflows

AlfredBookmarklet AlfredBookmarklet icon

Use a browser bookmarklet via Alfred

info | download

AppFreeze AppFreeze icon

Pauses and resumes execution of the frontmost app

info | download

BugNot BugNot icon

Get logins from bugmenot

info | download

CalmNotifications CalmNotifications icon

Toggle Do Not Disturb

info | download

CardSearch CardSearch icon

Search for trading card game cards

info | download

CoffeeCoffee CoffeeCoffee icon

Prevent your computer from going to sleep

info | download

DeleteConfig DeleteConfig icon

Find settings and preferences to delete

info | download

DenteAzul DenteAzul icon

Toggle bluetooth and paired device connectivity

info | download

DownMedia DownMedia icon

Download media from popular sources

info | download

FormatSize FormatSize icon

Reference paper sizes and device resolutions

info | download

HackerBoard HackerBoard icon

Front page news from web community sources

info | download

IncognitoClone IncognitoClone icon

Opens Chrome’s frontmost tab in an incognito window

info | download

KeyCodes KeyCodes icon

Translate keyboard keys to AppleScript key codes

info | download

LabelColor LabelColor icon

Sets a label color for selected files and directories

info | download

LinkClean LinkClean icon

Removes extraneous information from URLs

info | download

MachineClean MachineClean icon

Lock your keyboard temporarily, so you can clean it

info | download

MarkdownTransform MarkdownTransform icon

Convert Markdown to other formats

info | download

MediaCoordinates MediaCoordinates icon

Open media GPS coordinates in a map

info | download

MediaThorn MediaThorn icon

Get ratings for different types of media

info | download

NewPath NewPath icon

Creates a new file in the current Finder directory

info | download

NoteTaker NoteTaker icon

Keep small bits of text

info | download

OneUpdater OneUpdater icon

Update workflows with a single node

info | download

OpenActions OpenActions icon

Granular control over opening apps

info | download

PlayAddress PlayAddress icon

Play the URL in the frontmost browser or clipboard

info | download

PingPong PingPong icon

Play a round of table tennis with Alfred

info | download

PinPlus PinPlus icon

Interact with your Pinboard bookmarks

info | download

ProcessControl ProcessControl icon

Deal with misbehaving processes

info | download

QuitArena QuitArena icon

Quit all apps, with exceptions

info | download

RecentlyAdded RecentlyAdded icon

List directory contents by added date

info | download

RecommendationNation RecommendationNation icon

Keep a contextual list of recommendations

info | download

RemoveQuarantine RemoveQuarantine icon

Remove the quarantine attribute from your apps

info | download

RenameAction RenameAction icon

Rename files and folders

info | download

RightClick RightClick icon

Do a right-click on Finder files, with the keyboard

info | download

RunCommand RunCommand icon

Run shell commands without opening a terminal

info | download

SandwichTimer SandwichTimer icon

Run pomodoros and other timers

info | download

SequentialPaste SequentialPaste icon

Paste previous clipboard entries in order

info | download

ShortFilms ShortFilms icon

Stream from a selection of short films

info | download

StartRecording StartRecording icon

Shortcuts for recording from your computer

info | download

ShutdownTimer ShutdownTimer icon

Shutdown macOS on a timer

info | download

StrongPassword StrongPassword icon

Get a strong password by leveraging multiple sources

info | download

SwitchAgent SwitchAgent icon

Switch the user agent for your frontmost browser

info | download

SynAnt SynAnt icon

Substitute words by checking against a thesaurus

info | download

TemplatesManager TemplatesManager icon

Save and reuse files, directory structures, and urls

info | download

TemporaryEmail TemporaryEmail icon

Get a temporary email inbox

info | download

TrialSounds TrialSounds icon

Listen to /System/Library/Sounds

info | download

TurnShoot TurnShoot icon

A two-player game for Alfred

info | download

UploadFile UploadFile icon

Upload files and directories for easy sharing

info | download

VideoDuration VideoDuration icon

Outputs the url of a video on a supported website with its duration in square brackets

info | download

WatchList WatchList icon

Play and manage local media and streams

info | download

WebScreenshot WebScreenshot icon

Take screenshots directly to the web

info | download

WordsWith WordsWith icon

Find words that contain a particular pattern

info | download

Workflow helpers

These are small helpers to help build Workflows or enhance existing ones. They are described in detail in their directory.

  • _sharedresources
  • packal_placeholder.plist

Deprecated Workflows

These are the Workflows that are no longer under development and won’t get more updates. Reasons for deprecation depend on the the Workflow, but they don’t tend to be deprecated without an alternative.


All the code in the workflows’ root directory is licensed under The Unlicense (Public Domain, essentially). Applications and libraries inside a _licensed directory (if there is one) are not public domain, and are accompanied by their respective licenses.


Collection of Alfred workflows







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