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Download media from a plethora of sources, even when embedded in other pages.

Copy a link to your clipboard, run dv, and you’re done. The workflow will show you a notification when it starts downloading and another when finished.

If you have WatchList you’ll see an option to automatically add the downloaded video to your watchlist.

Run any option with the ⌘ modifier, and the full playlist will be downloaded.

To see the download progress, run dvp. It will auto-refresh the progress. Actioning it with the ⌘ modifier will restart the current download (adding it to the back of the queue), while actioning with ⌃ will abort the current download.

You can also run :downvidservices to install (or later remove, running the same command) DownVid actions to macOS Services. What this means is wherever you find a URL, you’ll be able to right click it and start the download right from the context menu.

The Workflow Environment Variables represent the directories where videos will download to, as well as the audio format to save when that option is picked.

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