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Before using this workflow, you need to configure it with your Pinboard account by running :configurepinunread followed by your api token and your preferred action.

You can get the API token of you Pinboard account by visiting

Your preferred action may be one of delete, archive, or keep. delete will remove the bookmark from your account, after you act (open or copy the link) on it; archive will mark the bookmark as read; keep will leave it untouched.

An example configuration would be: :configurepinunread username:HSJWJK2HHSKI14QPDOIK delete

When you’re all set, call pun, and your unread bookmarks will be displayed. Press ↩ on one to open it in your default browser or ⌘+↩ to copy the link to your clipboard; the action you picked while configuring will take place in the background.

You may also type something after pun (don’t add a space, just type), to filter the bookmarks.