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This repository is DEPRECATED

It will no longer receive updates, but it was working without any issues when it was abandoned. It may still work for you. (unofficial)

Use just like you do in your browser, but as a desktop app. This app will also notify you in its icon when messages are received. screenshot

This is an unofficial app

The team has been gracious enough to allow me to use their name and logo on this app, but it is still unofficial. I will retire this app if an official one is ever released.

If you find any issues or have suggestions/requests for the app (as opposed to’s website), please do not bother the team directly but instead open an issue.


Download the latest version.


Built with Electron.

  • Install dependencies: npm install
  • Run: npm start
  • Build for macOS: npm run build-macos
  • Build for all platforms: npm run build
  • Build for macOS and package as a zip: npm run package-macos
  • Build for all platforms and package as a zip: npm run package

Currently, only macOS is supported. I do not intend to officially support other platforms in the near future since I cannot consistently and reliably test on them, but am willing to add support if someone wants to collaborate in doing the legwork.


The Unlicense (Public Domain, essentially)

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