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Fog logo Fog

Fog screenshot

Unofficial Overcast podcast app.

Control playback with keyboard media keys, even when not the frontmost app.

Navigate episodes with and (or j and k).

Keyboard shortcuts: pauses and resumes; rewinds; fast-forwards; goes back to home; deletes the current episode or podcast; saves the current episode.

“Permalink” opens in default browser.

“Share link” and “Share link with timestamp” copy link directly to the clipboard.

Automatically go back to home when episode ends.

Go to specific episode by giving its URL on the command line.

Tweaked user experience when copying and hovering over links.

Fog screenshotFog screenshot


Download the latest version, or run brew cask install fog if you use homebrew.


Built with Electron.

  • Install dependencies: npm install
  • Run: npm start
  • Build for macOS: npm run build-macos
  • Build for all platforms: npm run build
  • Build for macOS and package as a zip: npm run package-macos
  • Build for all platforms and package as a zip: npm run package

Currently, only macOS is supported. I do not intend to officially support other platforms in the near future since I cannot consistently and reliably test on them, but am willing to add support if someone wants to collaborate in doing the legwork.


The Unlicense (Public Domain, essentially)

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