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# MakeFile for building all the docs at once.
# Inspired by the Makefile used by bazaar.
PYTHON = python
.PHONY: all clean html latexpdf epub htmlhelp website website-dirs
# Languages that can be built.
LANGS = en es fr ja pt ru
DEST = website
# Dependencies to perform before running other builds.
# Clone the en/Makefile everywhere.
SPHINX_DEPENDENCIES = $(foreach lang, $(LANGS), $(lang)/Makefile)
# Copy-paste the english Makefile everwhere its needed.
%/Makefile: en/Makefile
cp $< $@
# The various formats the documentation can be created in.
# Loop over the possible languages and call other build targets.
html: $(foreach lang, $(LANGS), html-$(lang))
htmlhelp: $(foreach lang, $(LANGS), htmlhelp-$(lang))
epub: $(foreach lang, $(LANGS), epub-$(lang))
htmlhelp: $(foreach lang, $(LANGS), htmlhelp-$(lang))
populate-index: $(foreach lang, $(LANGS), populate-index-$(lang))
# Make the HTML version of the documentation with correctly nested language folders.
cd $* && make html LANG=$*
cd $* && make htmlhelp LANG=$*
cd $* && make epub LANG=$*
cd $* && make latexpdf LANG=$*
populate-index-%: $(SPHINX_DEPENDENCIES)
php scripts/populate_search_index.php $*
# Make the directory if its not there already.
[ ! -d $(DEST) ] && mkdir $(DEST) || true
# Make the downloads directory
[ ! -d $(DEST)/_downloads ] && mkdir $(DEST)/_downloads || true
# Make downloads for each language
$(foreach lang, $(LANGS), [ ! -d $(DEST)/_downloads/$(lang) ] && mkdir $(DEST)/_downloads/$(lang) || true;)
website: website-dirs html populate-index epub
# Move HTML
$(foreach lang, $(LANGS), cp -r build/html/$(lang) $(DEST)/$(lang);)
# Move EPUB files
$(foreach lang, $(LANGS), cp -r build/epub/$(lang)/*.epub $(DEST)/_downloads/$(lang);)
rm -rf build/*
rm -rf $(DEST)/*